The recent floods in Colorado have gotten many Americans thinking about what they can do to raise flood awareness and to better prepare for the possibility of a flood. We hope you find our blog useful in raising both flood awareness and water damage prevention awareness.

blog2 960x750Hundreds of thousands of American live in what FEMA (the Federal Emergency Management Association) calls the “floodplain,” or, the areas that are prone to flood hazards. Please check FEMA’s website for a map of your area, and to see if you’re in a floodplain. These Americans have a much higher possibility of suffering bodily injury and property damage from a flood. If Americans living in the floodplain don’t carry specialized flood insurance, a flood can easily devastate a family for generations to come in water damage costs. Keep in mind that floods are not covered by Homeowner’s Insurance – flood insurance is a special type of insurance separate from Homeowner’s. Taking the steps to find and buy flood insurance is of the utmost importance, especially if you’re near a large body of water. It’s a great step toward minimizing your potential water damage losses.

Flood Damage Awareness

It’s extremely important to pay attention to the news and emergency broadcasts at all times, even if you are not located in the floodplain. Floods and other natural disasters can strike anywhere. Keep a battery-powered radio and a list of the local radio stations that send out flood alerts. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

If a flood occurs, evacuate to the designated area following the emergency broadcast. Always take emergency broadcasts seriously.

Loss Prevention tips:

Keep an eye on the weather and local stream flows. The local stream flow can be found here. Most parts of the US have a season where flash floods are more likely to occur.
Store valuables high. Store them in the attic or on the top floor if you don’t have an attic.
Create an emergency action plan. Having an emergency plan memorized will allow you to act faster.
Have a neighbor lined up to help you move and store valuables should time allow.
Dealing With Water Damage

If the home can be salvaged, it’s important to call a water damage restoration specialist as soon as possible. Ohio Valley Restoration is available for emergency calls, whether it’s after a flood has occurred or if it’s for a burst pipe. We provide carpet cleaning and carpet restoration, hardwood drying, water removal, sewage cleanup, mold removal and more, for both residential homeowners and commercial businesses. You can reach us at 513-874-7478. We are available for emergency service.