Ohio Valley Restoration’s team of restoration specialists are well-versed in black water and sewage cleanup and restoration. Usually we can be on the scene of your sewage cleanup emergency within 60 minutes of receiving your first call. After that, we’ll not only remove the black water flooding your home or business, but do expert cleanup work that will protect you from the biohazards often associated with sewage backup and black water flooding.

sewage cleanupMore Than Just Moisture Removal
The Ohio Valley Restoration team will not only remove the black water from your home or business, but also clean, disinfect, and deodorize your facility as well.

Age and Pre-Existing Condition of Carpet
If the carpet was in an aged or poor condition prior to flooding, and is not worth salvaging, our team will tell you so that you can make a decision based on what makes the most financial sense for your particular situation.

Avoid the Health Risks
Don’t take any chances with the lingering pathogens and contamination that can arise from sewage backflow or black water flooding. Call Ohio Valley Restoration anytime for 24 hour emergency service, flood clean up and for all safety questions.