Drying Hardwood Floors

Ok, your right and the hardwood floor guy, insurance adjuster and myself were all wrong. Hardwood floors can be dried. The 5 days your equipment was here was noisy and distractive however it beats the 3 months it would have taken to get the new floors shipped in and replaced, Not to mention the 10 days we would have been in a hotel having them ripped out and reinstalled. Please show our pictures to anyone who doubts you and feel free to have them give me a call.

James J, Seafort, VA

Water Damage Restoration

Steven and his crew were prompt, efficient, thorough and courteous. They said what they would do and did what they said and then some. The way they operate is a credit to your (State Farm Insurance Company) Premier Service Provider Group. This is a great group of people to have by your side, given all circumstances. Thanks again for all your service and assistance!

TJ and Pam D. Indian Hills, Ohio

Water Damage Restoration

When the Insurance Company called you to our home in West Chester, I had my doubts, and was not sure what to expect. We had a frozen water pipe inside and approximately 80,000 gallons went thru the first and second floors to all areas of the house. When your company arrived and began work, I asked questions as your employees working on drying out my home and were helpful in answering these concerns. With your arrival came more questions and it became clear to me that you had done this before, and are very good at it. Please except my sincere thanks with this letter and consider me a sold customer on your process.

Steven J. Loveland, Ohio

Water Damage Restoration

My husband Mark and I want to sincerely thank OVR for their excellent and very fair service. Working with Steve and Mike was a very positive experience and OVR Should be very proud to have them working for the company. Steve and Mike followed through with everything they indicated they would do and were courteous with our time being prompt. I can't say enough about our satisfaction.

John and Paula K, Liberty Twp, Ohio

Sewage Damage

It is hard to believe that people we didn't even know would come and rescue us on the worst day of our homeowner lives. Less than six months in our home the city's mistake that caused over 5000 pounds of other peoples raw sewage to back up into our basement was a nightmare until about an hour after you, Steven and Mike arrived. It became obvious very quickly why the city contracts you to resolve these situations for them. There are not enough words,

Tom and Tina F. Cincinnati, Ohio